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  • Título Original: Luton town: back where we belong
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Descripción "Luton town: back where we belong"

Following Luton Town Football Club's return to the Football League after five seasons in exile, I decided to write an every day journal covering the season from the first game at Carlisle United to the last ball kicked in anger. Whatever the results, wherever the Hatters end up position wise at the conclusion of the season I will be giving my honest opinion throughout. Whatever is written on a particular day, that will be what is printed, there will be no going back to change anything, whatever I may write before a match will be the final say whatever the outcome. If my opinion changes in regard to something I have mentioned earlier I will not return and change, otherwise it will not be my true thoughts. Therefore, there will inevitably be contradictions, but that is what a journal is all about when all said and done. In all honesty, not all if any, will agree with my thoughts and opinions, but that is the whole point of the exercise. Controversial I will be, I will not be holding back, I will not be a happy clapper. But at the same time I refuse to be either detrimental or abusive, I think there is enough of that going on elsewhere, apart from calling a moron a moron. But it will have to be to the extreme for me to do so. I will, as one does in a journal wander off the subject of Luton Town at times. Otherwise it will become tedious, even the best of us like to meander away from the obvious at times. I will drift off into other world's, I will get carried away, but I hope it will give one reason to read on regardless. My wording will not be sophisticated, it will be every day chat, I am not trying to sound clever, I am going to be myself. There will be no fancy statistics or continuous reams of data. I leave that for the statisticians of this world. At times I will be having assistance as I will not be able to be at every game. I unfortunately have other commitments also. My hope though is that all will enjoy what you read. COYH!

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