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  • Título Original: How to coach the football inside zone running play
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Descripción "How to coach the football inside zone running play"

The inside zone running play is a base blocking play that is easy for offensive linemen to run. It is a highly effective play that can be run from any number of formations and running back sets. Coach Renner has coached this play for 30 years. He provides you with the most detailed, specific and precise coaching details for this inside zone running play. He gives you his exact coaching points for each lineman on who to block and how to execute the block. He includes his specific coaching phrases which are highlighted in yellow for easy recognition so you can coach each offensive lineman on the proper steps, body position, path to the defender, head placement, the contact point on the defender, and how to respond to the defender's escape reaction off the block. For the quarterback and running back, his detailed coaching points are provided for the steps to hand off, path to hand off and tracks to run after the hand off for the gun, I and pistol running back sets. Coach Renner's shares his 17 years of experience coaching offensive linemen on this inside zone running play. He explains why this play should be run down the midline of the defense. He gives you specific diagrams for the offensive linemen counter blocking assignments versus the 4-3, 3-4, 3-3 stack, 6-2 and bear fronts. Over 50 diagrams and pictures give you the ability to visualize how to coach this running play. If you want a dependable run play gainer that gives you the quick downhill, aggressive run you need to wear a defense down or challenge their ability to get off blocks, Coach Renner's inside zone play will work for you. It was the main run play for Coach Renner's offense that has scored a touchdown for 141 straight games. With 30-years of coaching, 23-years as a head coach and play caller, Coach Renner knows a well-executed inside zone run play will make your misdirection runs, off-tackle runs, outside runs and play action passes that much more effective.

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