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This book is written for those of us who love Army West Point Football. Those of us who enjoy the teams full of great players, coming out every week in the fall, know that it is because thirty-seven Army coaches and many great players over the years brought us all the victories and the excitement. We know how they did it – discipline, conditioning and an honor in winning. Despite some recent bad luck, Army has never been a losing is OK team. Look at the full Army football record and you can see that the great games and seasons accumulated quickly with a surplus of 150 wins over losses. The Army Black Knights have a winning way. Near Championships and National Championships in Army Football history are part of that winning way. This book tells the first story about Army football. It was in 1890 when the USMA gave Cadet Dennis Michie the OK to have the first official varsity football team and the first game. It was a loss in the First Army-Navy game but Army made up for it the following year and for many seasons thereafter. As we rapidly move through the Army football ages in this book, we meet the great immortal great Army coaches-Dennis Michie, Harry Nelly, Charles Daly, Biff Jones, and Walter "Red Blaik. Of course, we find another great coach at the end of the journey, not yet an immortal, but on his way. Coach Jeff Monken seems to be on the right path for the future with a team full of great Army football players. In this book, we tell lots of great stories about lots of great players in Army Football. It takes the reader through stories about Army teams of great players through 37 coaches over the years. There are many years of great games (over 1200) played by the best football players in the nation for Army West Point going on 128 seasons. The book stops frequently in time and tells a nice tale about a great player such as Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis, Pete Dawkins, Arnold Tucker, Mike Mayweather, Aaron Kemper, and of course Andrew King Ahmad Bradshaw, and many others. You won't want to put this book down once you begin reading it.

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