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Nothing about history pops off a page illustrative photos. And nothing can tell the story of the first century of the Trojans the nearly 200 photos collected in Historic Photos of USC Football. The slow but inexorable transformation from muddy, sloppy fields, leather helmets, unprotected faces, and basic bleachers to modern turf, sophisticated head gear, sleek uniforms, and gargantuan stadiums is clearly and impressively shown in these images. Marion Morrison before he became John Wayne, the Trojans as they became the Thundering Herd, Coach Elmer "Gloomy Gus" Henderson actually smiling, the Trojans in derby hats in Chicago celebrating, and Turd the forgotten mascot are all captured here through the camera's eye. Whether it's the drama of big games, the gimmicky publicity photos of a bygone era, or the unrelenting demands of practice, the story of this uniquely ambitious team is told here in gridiron detail.

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