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This book illustrates the origin of the Miami Dolphins franchise. The focal point is directed towards the owners and coaches, from the past to the present. It explains the struggles that Mr. Joe Robbie experienced during the early years when the sports team started in Miami, Florida. It discusses the benefits derived from accepting the cost associated with acquiring Don Shula. Jimmy Johnson is also vibrantly expressed, as are Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban. The readers might possibly be interested in my personally evolved opinion of Nick Saban. All nine coaches and three owners played a demonstrative role in the overall development of the Miami Dolphins. Expansive details are given regarding Dan Marino's success with the team and NFL as well as the rookie season for Ryan Tannehill and his potential in subsequent years. Other players are also mentioned, including the duo drafted in an 80s NFL draft that resulted in their careers moving in different directions. Wayne Huizenga and Stephen Ross are also mentioned in this book. My perception of Stephen Ross is somewhat refreshing, and it is intriguing. Many have commented on how insightful this book is and how it brings back memories. This is a very engaging and at times humorous read. I am sure that you will enjoy it. GO DOLPHINS This book is a comprehensive look into one of America's favorite professional football teams. The owners, coaches, and some of the most influential players throughout the team's history are discussed along with the motivations behind their decisions and the consequences thereof. Whether you're looking to get acquainted with the team or relive the highlights, this book is an excellent insight into the Miami Dolphins. – Amanda Brown If you have never known anything about the Miami Dolphins before, you won't be able to say that again, after this very insightful read. Nice job on the early years recap Keith. – Nosakhere R Richardson b.k.a. Mystic I watch the Dolphins games now with a pair of new eyes after reading this intelligently written and insightful account of the Dolphins management team. A must read for all serious Dolphins fans.

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