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  • Título Original: Pass protection from no tight end formations
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Descripción "Pass protection from no tight end formations"

Pass Protection from No Tight End Formations is a book that details a pass protection system that Coach Renner used at four different high schools in two different states. It yielded on average only 13 sacks a season or 1.1 sacks per game over the 10 year span it was fully implemented. It allowed him to take any type of lineman and make them effective pass protectors. During that 10 year period the offensive line protected the quarterback well enough for his 5 Wide Offense System to throw for 27,112 yards with 255 passing touchdowns. Coach Bill Renner is a veteran high school coach of 29 years. He has been a head high school coach for 23 years at four high schools in Virginia and in North Carolina. His 5 Wide Offense has been an integral component of turning around high school football programs. The pass protection schemes were instrumental in that process. An effective passing game begins with protecting the quarterback. Coach Renner has acquired game tested knowledge and applied it to a system that can be reproduced and taught with the information in his book. He details his complete pass protection system, with diagrams, game photographs, blocking schemes versus all defensive fronts and technique coaching points. It is a concise, simple system that any coach can implement to improve their pass protection.

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