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John Austin Sletten grew up in this small town, Montevideo, Minnesota. It was a setting former President Ronald Reagan cherished, a place still rooted in the sweet nostalgia of the fifties - unsophisticated, basic and raw - a place where anybody could be somebody, a place still clinging to all the tenets of the American Dream. It was a time television was bringing changes to reflect what America looked like from afar. It was the cutting edge of what was new. The times were changing so quickly in 1960 and what television was doing was showing the American people to the American people. The big buzz was John Fitzgerald Kennedy versus Richard Milhous Nixon for President of the United States. We knew about Richard Nixon but who was this young, dynamic Kennedy guy He was promising a new frontier which sounded interesting to those junior and seniors in high school. Or was JFK the cold warrior who was running to the right of a very conservative Nixon The threat of nuclear was at the center of everyone's lives during the fifties. Now Kennedy's flamboyance and good looks was stirring the blood of an emotionless nation. America needed someone to inspire them again, maybe a guy like John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The autumn of 1960 was the backdrop of this time of great hope for this small town in Minnesota. Outside of the memories of World War II and Korea, the weather, and the price of corn, soybeans, and wheat there wasn't much to talk about as the calendar year turned into the 1960s. But now the high school football season was about to begin and rumor had it these young boys were going to do something that hadn't been done since before WWII: win the mystical West Central conference championship. It was a time when the town emptied on Friday nights to follow the team riding in Simon Olson's yellow buses to whatever town they were playing. The season uplifted everyone and made the town come alive for nine weeks of rock 'em - sock 'em football. This is their sto

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