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  • Título Original: Football (making the play)
  • ISBN: 9781628322347
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  • Edad: 5-9
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Descripción "Football (making the play)"

"Do you think about science when you play baseball Probably not. But you use science anyway." In sports, Making the Play involves more than athletic skill – it's all possible because of physics! Linking scientific concepts such as momentum and launch angle to actions common to each sport, this new series unveils the unseen world of forces at work behind each bat, ball, or club. High-contrast design and relatable images of people at play provide a colorful backdrop to each high-interest title. An elementary introduction to the physics involved in the sport of football, including scientific concepts such as mass and projectile motion, and actions such as tackling and punting. Includes TOC, diagrams, glossary, book references, websites, and index. Full-color photographs throughout.

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